Fact or Fiction

Satire from the University Psychiatric Clinic Basel

Fact or Fiction?
Dr. Pond 's odyssey through the PUK

It all started with the fact that dr. pond had become slightly psychotic. He just did not have it anymore to take care of the many patients . He looked as the R3 was continuously falling under attack by professional satirists . Yesterday Missiee Lee had the ateliers on the ground floor of the building paralyzed . It had been completely enough that they hung their pictures up. Suddenly no one wanted to work in the ateliers . Annoying . The Appeals committee caused everybody permanent headaches. Endemic & exogenously at the same time . dr. pond was admitted to the own clinic . There, a satirist had risen to become senior physician. She had studied medicine. And after an internship in the PUK she made reforms . She started after his arrival in the PUK new treatment methods. And that was luck for dr. pond. He was not thrown into the isolation cell . Instead, it was found that dr. pond had too little B6 and B12 in the blood. The treatment was immediately started and soon we were able to maintain that Mr. Pond was no longer psychotic. He was even allowed to change his web site. In the ominous library , as you'll learn in Part 2 .

But precisely . So it has really happened ...

It all started with the fact that Dr. pond had an accident with his teacup in Felix Platter Spital and had even thrown a cup. He was immediately admitted for this ailment in the PUK . There I threatened him first with depot injections, and actually would be this was the right method , for Mr. Pond had become severely psychotic. Instead we decided all to prop up dr. pond with the mentioned Nutri- vitamins again . It succeeded as I said well and soon we released him towards the Bahamas, Uh wrong of course in the direction of Felix Platter Spital. He was there to enlighten Dr. Kapuz about the proper use , uh consumption of Temesta . We all have sent him . As a warning for any quack armed with a blue I- Book. Of course, in the role of Medical Advisor CNS.

Whose odyssey part 2 or typewriters are now banned ...

Dr. Mueller tapped wildly on his laptop. Ouch . Fingerverstauchungen . The visits to the Teufelhof could not distract him too. Somehow the ideal world of Friedmatt was out of control . There was ominous noises from the direction of the Acute Section . Even more ominous was the rattle from the library. The anti Psychiatric network website had in the absence of Myriam Aikidoh more virtual and real visitors than ever before. (unfortunately she was only allowed to change her website under heavy guard and sharp eagle eyes. Meantime Luka arrived in R3 . arrived. Also a mystic , sky high above everyone  basically . They had by means of mathematics & study of Syrian History fathomed the mysteries of God and thereby rediscovered the Fifth Element of Love. Dr. Churchill had since the passage by the author of this satire on R3 absolutely no idea where God dwells . "Money rules the World" sang his typewriter. It always sang the same crap . Luka and the author of the satire took a hammer from Dr. Jessica Jacksons Berettakoffer ( that was also strictly forbidden by the hospital management ) and thus shattered Dr. Churchill 's brand new typewriter. Mr. Hoff Meier & the tooth lady then began in the lower floor of the S3 their swan song . It boomed : " Catatonic - mutistic - paranoid " First, we continued with our hearing plugs on . Second, we left the brats on the swan carousel when the whole political and human situation frustrated us and we could still hear them on the carousel in St. Peter's square . We were able to observe how few students of the UPK ran past the carousel . No one was interested in the dying biologistic science. After all it was much more interesting to watch the idiots in the writing rooms . We banned it without further ado .

Ladies and gentlemen this is veeeery capricious.

The next day we have allowed it again .

This was bad for the digestion of all involved.